16 January, 2015


Usually I leap into the new year with a big list of resolutions and loads of plans. But it's been a slower start this year, with the new year starting in the middle of four week road trip. We're back home, but I don't feel like the routine of a new year has started just yet.

So I'm just embracing the slow days, beach excursions and trips to the pool. Lots of reading fiction and cookbooks. And starting to think about new creative projects this year.

It does go against my nature a bit though... I'm one of those people who write something down that they've already done and then cross it off the list. It sounds a bit neurotic when I say it out loud. But I'm resisting the planning and scheduling for the moment. Things were so busy leading up to Christmas, it's nice just to enjoy the holiday from task lists for a bit longer.

When I look around my house I'm quite pleased to be see that there are things all around me that I've made in the last year. One thing I am planning is to be more committed about recording the things I'm making this year, just for the satisfaction of seeing some progress.

Here are a few of the decorations I made in the lead up to Christmas. I'm quite pleased with them. I made a lot to give away, but have kept a few for us. Notice the Liberty offcuts as ties? Much nicer than ribbon, in my opinion. A flash of Liberty print improves everything.


  1. I feel the exact same way this year! It's strange, but kinda nice, but still strange :) Maybe it is just that kinda year.

    1. Well 2015 is year of the sheep. And they're kinda chilled-out animals. Maybe that's it.

  2. I am loving 2015 so far, 2014 was so up and down for our family. Love the Xmas decorations.

  3. I'm very much hoping to stay slow all year long!!! x