About Me

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my little space in blogland!

I'm Jane. I am an Aussie, living in Auckland, New Zealand. This little blog is a way for me to document some of the things I've made and the creative space I carve out in the small chunks of time at home with two young children.

My mum taught me to sew when I was in primary school. I have fond memories of sewing my first pair of "animal pants" shorts, which were all the rage in Brisbane in the early eighties. I've been consistently making things since then, although my interests have been pretty varied over the years. For a long time I was really into drawing and painting, and recording my life in visual journals. The days of having hours to sit and sketch are long gone, so these days my projects tend to be things I can get done in small chunks of time. I love making books from recycled materials, especially old flyers and ephemera I've collected, plus notebooks and sketchbooks in all shapes and sizes. I'm completely fascinated by printmaking, and I love it, even though my interest far exceeds my skill level. And of course, I've always got some sewing project on the go.

I'm interested in growing food, cooking healthy, unprocessed vege food from scratch and embracing creativity on the spur of the moment. I always have a long to do list, but am far happier when I follow the yellow brick road.

If there's anything that interests you, please let me know. I love comments! There's nothing I love more than getting together with people and having a conversation about creativity and crafty living.

The name Miss Adelaide was inspired by the 70's TV show, The Wombles. If you ever need cheering up, this is totally worth a look...


  1. Hello Miss Adelaide! I just found you through the BWP Sunday share! How have I not known about you before?! I am a May raduate. I'm in Auckland too. I loved reading about your wonky ware. And thank you so much for the trip down memory lane with that Wombles song. I'll be wombling all day ;-)

    1. Hey thanks for the comment Rachel! Fellow Aucklander! I will have to listen to that song again too, you can't help but do a little jig after that. Nice to 'meet' you. I'm off to have a good look around your blog. :)