21 February, 2014

Taking Stock

Taking stock with Pip, again.

Making: or rather, thinking about making raw lasagne from Little Bird
Cooking: pizzas
Drinking: calendula tea.
Reading: about the health benefits of calendula tea and feeling virtuous
Wanting: a few uninterrupted hours of craftiness
Looking: for obits for Blossom Dearie, New York jazz singer
Playing: Blossom Dearie and reminiscing about a quiet caberet performance in New York at Danny's Skylight Room in 2006
Realising: that we must have seen one of her last performances, aged 79
Deciding: to say yes more often
Wishing: I could get the balance right between online reading and creative action
Enjoying: the Goldfinch. Page 768!
Waiting: for another little nip on the arm from Sammy the cat
Liking: the slow ambles to and from school, hunting for cicada shells
Wondering: if I can find an outdoorsy activity to inspire us all this weekend
Loving: cuddles from Sammy
Pondering: my next read
Considering: making some things to sell
Watching: Manor Houses
Hoping: to make time to catch up with an old friend
Marvelling: the wealth, opulence and history in the walls of those English manor houses
Needing: an early night
Smelling: cups of tea
Wearing: my fave t-shirt with a vintage style crochet on the front. Looks better than it sounds.
Following: the progress of my fellow bloggy friends
Noticing: how the kids fight less when I play with them more
Knowing: that I need to appreciate these pre-school years
Thinking: about teaching some stuff
Feeling: worried that I won't pursue it
Admiring: people who take daily, active steps to shape their reality
Sorting: UFO's and op shop purchases
Buying: Chinese checkers and kitchen gadgets
Getting: organised
Bookmarking: recipes, as always
Disliking: tantrums and moodiness. And opinionated radio hosts.
Opening: a box of patchwork from the op shop and discovering a whole bunch of completed squares
Giggling: Remembering what my 5yo said recently, when presented with tofu and veg. "You are not the mum I know and love".
Feeling: like I need a long, uninterrupted sleep.
Snacking: on medjool dates. delish.
Coveting: vintage combies on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces.
Wishing: I would remember to pause and relax.
Helping: little people get to sleep
Hearing: possums on the roof. I think. And moreporks.


  1. Love the taking stock! And has inspired me to get onto the Goldfinch.

  2. 'You're not the mum I know and love' haha! That is quite a response from a 5-year old :) Really hoping to get a chance to read the Goldfinch this year, or the Luminaries. See you soon xx

    1. Thought it was worth recording that one Heleen! He's quite a character :) I've read both of those books over the summer. It took me the WHOLE summer to read them, but glad I did. Looking forward to a few quick reads now. Maybe a good book for a long flight? :) Catch up soon x