27 February, 2014

We should have bought more ladybirds though

Baking is really not my thing. If I really have nothing to offer prior to someone coming over, I might throw together some Anzac biscuits, but that's one of about two things in my baking repertoire. So I find the thought of baking a fancy birthday cake more nerve wracking than the birthday party itself.

Last year I got sucked into the idea of making a cake from the Woman's Weekly Birthday book. Luckily, my favourite 5 yr old chose what looked like the easiest cake in the book. A ghost cake, with some white icing, smarties for the mouth and egg shells with blood red veins drawn in them. Even the recipe called for a packet mix cake. Sweet.

I have a cunning new plan. No cakes from books. From now on, the kids can help me shop for cake decorations and they can decorate/help decorate it themselves. This is our first attempt.


  1. My miss four just said 'oooh I want that cake for my birthday'. Lovely idea!!

  2. When my kids were flipping through the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book I heard my eldest calmly say to his sister "no, you can't have that one - it is beyond Mum!"

    1. Haha Jenny, I laughed out loud at that one. I'm glad I'm not the only one!