11 October, 2012

Kokakos and notebooks

I found this wonderful tile at a local garage sale recently.  It lives in my work room, and gives me a little lift every time I settle in with a cup of tea.  I'm sorry to say it took me a long while to realise it must be a kokako.  My New Zealand native bird knowledge is obviously sadly lacking!

Making more little notebooks this week.  The one on the left is covered in a paper bag from Folio Books in Brisbane.  Love that place.


  1. hello! I'm just over from blog school. Love the note books you made, especially the blue one, it's the denim-y spine that got me! and i see your listening to the Go Betweens? I heard 'streets of your town' on the radio yesterday for the first time in decades and thought, i must re-buy that album!

  2. Thanks for your comment Max. It really made my day! Yep, am loving re-visiting the Go Betweens. I pull it out again every few years and never get sick of it. Even my 1 & 3 yr olds love it.