05 September, 2013


I came across this beautiful book recently, from Jessica, of the popular Miniature Rhino blog.

Although I didn't manage to take it with me, it gave me some inspiration for a project I could fit into my suitcase for an island holiday. We just returned from 9 days of blissful relaxation in Vanuatu. It was a technology holiday for all of us, and the kids spent time swimming, drawing, swimming and more drawing. These are the spaceships my 4 and a half year old son is obsessed with at the moment.

I'm a complete beginner when it comes to embroidery, so don't look too closely! I just used a simple backstitch for the outline. Now something fancier might be in order for filling in the colours. Back to the book for inspiration and some instructions!


  1. I love this Jane, can't wait to see it with more colour!

  2. Jane! This is such a cool idea, I love your blog.