23 February, 2014

A Day Out

The Auckland Botanical Gardens is one of those places that we don't often visit, as it's quite a trek from our house. But when the annual sculpture exhibition is on, it's well worth loading everyone up, snacks and sunscreen, to make the hike.

It was the last day of the exhibition and I'm so glad we went. There were some fabulous sculptures, and some pretty cool crafty activities for kids, including making some sculptures of their own with flowers, sticks, ribbon and leaves, which were hung from the trees as part of a community sculpture. Plus there was the opportunity to try mono-printing. The kids got to ink up a plastic plate, create a little sketch in the ink with a paddle pop stick and then run it through the press. Pretty impressed that they had a full printing press on site! Plus it was a great starting point for getting kids interested in trying printmaking. It gave me some ideas about things we might be able to try at home too.

Mia Hamilton - In fill housing

Jamie Pickernell
Oh Crabby, I do believe we're rather lost

Todd and Karuna Douglas
Alien Invaders

Jane Downes
Rusted Mild Steel

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